06/10/16 Acting Lesson 4

So today was really funny because we started off the lesson by playing musical chairs, me and Tom were actually the last two people standing however he did win in the end. It was an exercise, because no matter how old you are you always seem to start acting like a child when you play children’s games. Erica then gave us a script of one of the previous T.I.E scripts that belonged to Adrian and Jordan’s group. It was at the part that featured Cinderella and so we were in groups of three. One person as the Prince, Cinderella and the Step sister. I was paired with Sian and Tom. It was also great because Erica said that we need to think about where our audience is, since they will most likely be sitting down we shouldn’t try and look up to much because they will be low down to the ground. When we watched each others performances we also acted like the audience because of course for example four year old childr5en will shout things out and it can be really distracting and so we need to think about keeping conviction.