10/10/16 Tap Lesson 4

Today we first looked at time steps again, as some people still don’t know how to do them. I do, however we tried to do it faster and faster and I lost my step or over stepped, so thats something I can work on. Then we carried on with our tap routine that is for the dance show in summer. We progressed further with it and have added some more steps, we linked them all together in the end and I don’t know how long we have left of the dance but I think we’re nearly half way through.


One thought on “10/10/16 Tap Lesson 4”

  1. Sophia, there has still been no record given by you of the choreography or the tap style or the music you are dancing to for the end of year piece and yet you say you are half way through this piece. Do you have any video footage to upload?


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