05/09/16 Jazz lesson 1

Today we did a tough warm up session to get ourselves really warmed up, it was hard because we had all been relaxing for many weeks and I wasn’t used to doing physical exercise and so found it tiring. Then Sarah wanted to see how our split leaps were and  how flexible we were, I was not very flexible but I have improved since last year although that must be because my body is getting more used to stretching. Then we started practising our jazz pirouettes and we attempted a sequence that involved one jazz pirouette to the right, then the left, then finishing with a double pirouette. I very nearly did a double which I was so proud of, because last year I wouldn’t have even be able to get past the first one without wobbling and falling over so I was very pleased. However it is something I definitely need to work on and improve, If I remember to pull up, keep my shoulders down and engage my core then I will definitely improve as these all help.


One thought on “05/09/16 Jazz lesson 1”

  1. Fairly good record of the session Sophia; what does a tough warm up session mean to you? Was it tough because it was the first session back or would it have been considered tough by a professional dancer? It’s relative so you need to try and be clear about the context. There is a small amount of reflection contained here but it isn’t thorough so this is an area for you to work on when you write.


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