06/09/16 Core & Flexibility blog

I actually really liked this lesson, I know my flexibility is pretty bad, especially since I had been on the summer holidays, because obviously I’m not doing the regular exercise at college. I think I would have been slightly more flexible, but because Helena wanted to do it cold so we didn’t stretch at all I wasn’t very good. However my core is actually a lot more stronger than I thought it would be, so I’m pretty happy about that as I just didn’t really know and this will help me a lot in my dance classes.


One thought on “06/09/16 Core & Flexibility blog”

  1. Sophia, the purpose of doing the self-analysis was so that you could reflect on your results, evaluate what are areas you can be satisfied with and what you will need to work on and then to plan and organise what you are going to do and when and how often you will do it to make the identified improvements. Your statement “this will help me a lot in my dance classes” needs further explanation – how will it help you?


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