06/09/16 Core and Flexibility test.

Today in Ballet we worked on how flexible we were since summer and how strong our core is. We didn’t do anything to drastic as we didn’t have a warm up to start because Helena wanted to see what our muscles were like cold.

First of all we looked at flexibility and took pictures of each position to see how flexible we were without a warm up.


This is the front view and side view of myself, we were looking to see if our body was even or if for example we had a slightly higher hip or shoulder.



touch-my-toes This is me trying to touch my toes.








I’m trying to reach my toes and then I’m trying to see how close I can get my head to my knees.


This is how close I can get my legs to my body featuring my left and right leg.



This position is to show I have strong Achilles as both my fee are flat.









This is how high I can lift my arms behind my back.








As you can see I am quite successful in holding my hands behind my back.



I have rather flexible hands and wrists.







This I me trying to attempt the splits on my left and right leg.


box-splits-straight-downThis is me going down into box splits.







Where as this I me sitting and then pushing myself into box splits.







This is how I measured how far I can go into box splits against the wall.



This was to see how far I could go into frog position without holding it.






This position was to see how flexible my lower back was, it was very easy and comfortable on both my left and right side.



With my hips on the floor I was trying to see how far back I could go.










I still need to progress a lot in trying to get my feet to touch my head.









This is my feet in first position I was really surprised I did not think my feet could do this.






In the second part of the session we worked on our core strength and looked at what we need to work on. These were my results:

  • 1 minute hold in plank.
  • 1 minute 10 seconds side plank on my left arm (easy level)
  • 1 minute 15 seconds side plank on my right arm (easy level)
  • 1 minute v balance.

I’m rather pleased with all of them except for my normal plank as it should be about 2 minutes, so that’s something I need to work on.



One thought on “06/09/16 Core and Flexibility test.”

  1. Sophia, I suspect that this would have been a very useful record of your strength, core strength and your flexibility – unfortunately you have not saved the pictures to your WordPress media library and I cannot see any of them. Please will you go back into this and save them to the library so that they are visible – thank you.


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