08/09/16 Improvability blog

I was really comfortable with the lesson, because I have done many improvability sessions including 2 shows. We played some great games including “the alphabet game”, which is where you have to take it in turns to say a sentence, but you have to start each sentence with the next letter consecutively. Since I know the alphabet normally and backwards its usually not very hard, however I know it a lot of peoples least favourite game purely because they either don’t know the alphabet very well or they cant think quick enough.

We also tried “the questions game” where everything you say has to be a question relating to the given location. Sometimes I’m good at this but most of the time I can only think of a few questions. Lastly we also played “Expert”. Expert is where two people sit on a chair next to each other, then we have two more people kneeling down behind us who pretend to be our arms. The audience then give us an object/animal and an emotion. I had to be an expert on cows that could knit, it does get quite difficult because you must always answer with a yes no matter what question you are asked.



One thought on “08/09/16 Improvability blog”

  1. Sophia, some good reflection in this, what will take it to the next level is to evaluate so that you can then think about how you can improve and what you will need to do to make the improvement actually happen.


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