12-13/09/16 Media movie

Monday and Tuesday I was chosen to be a part of the 48 hour film competition. Every year the final year media students take part in this. They have to make a movie within 48 hours using a catch line they are given. They use given actors/dancers and musical theatre students in their movies because performing is what we do best. We were given the line resilience and therefore started thinking of something relating to that. I loved it because it’s just giving me more experience with camera work, which I need as I’m very interested in being an actor on film and television. I’m going to try and get even more experience working with the media students and I know that Erica is going to start a few sessions so that we can all get more experience with camera work as well.


One thought on “12-13/09/16 Media movie”

  1. Where is your record of what you actually did on this project? who were you working with? do you have a copy of the final film made? the film should be uploaded to this page. There is not enough here for me to use it as additional evidence and assess it.


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