15/09/16 Acting

Today we looked at all the different practitioners we could use for the first part of our commission. These were the people we looked at and what we found out:

  • Stanislavski- used emotional recall ( when you think of something sad to make you realistically cry or make you seem genuinely upset) Adler was also known to do similar techniques.
  • Meisner- be truthful and ‘get out of your own head’.
  • Pinter- Used pauses all the time, except now we know he meant them as beats not pauses.
  • Hagen- Came up with the fourth wall
  • Berkhoff- developed naturalism.
  • Chekhov- came up with psychological gesture.
  • Boal-Came up with hot seating so you could look more into your character and understand them more.
  • Aidler and Strasberg- Both looked at method acting.

One thought on “15/09/16 Acting”

  1. Sophia, a fairly good record of what was covered in the class; think about how it was delivered, was it a lecture? Was this meant to be an introduction that you should then follow up with additional research?


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