16/09/16 Singing 1 to 1 with Birgitta

This was my first lesson with Birgitta and she gave me a lot of criticism but it was all really valuable and its what I needed to hear. Also there was some things that I hadn’t really thought about for example they say to imagine the place you’re singing about as if you were there, but I didn’t go into any detail with it and I have found if I really imagine it I actually sound better and i’m more convincing which is really strange. She also wanted me to video myself singing in the lesson to see how I stand, facial expressions anything I do that I don’t realise whilst i’m performing. here is the video from the lesson:


There are some very clear issues that I have here. I stick my chin out a lot which I didn’t know, as well as being flat, going out of tune not pulling up in my diaphragm when I need to.


One thought on “16/09/16 Singing 1 to 1 with Birgitta”

  1. Sophia, you need more reflection here, this is barely to the Pass standard of level 3 because it lacks detail and it is not analytical enough. There doesn’t seem to be any intentions / planning as to what you are going to do about the things you are doing which are negatively affecting your singing.


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