20/09/16 Ballet

Today Helena still wanted to see how strong we were and look at our core muscles again. We did as many press ups as we could and then we did the same with sit-ups aided and unaided. These are the results:

  • 25 press ups
  • 45 sit-ups unaided
  • 30 sit-ups aided, however we did this straight after the last set of sit-ups therefore I fatigued a lot quicker.

After this we did some barre work and took pictures of certain positions so we could see what we needed to improve. However Vicky took the photos and whenever I asked she never sent them to me, so I can’t show evidence of this which is very frustrating.


One thought on “20/09/16 Ballet”

  1. Sophia, where are the photos of your ballet positions so that you can see what needs to improve? In ballet bar is spelt ‘barre’.


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