20/09/16 Singing Lesson 2

Today we decided to sing and learn the song from Avenue Q and it was the theme song Avenue Q. I had already learned this song for a high school music show and so I was very familiar with the musical and the song. However the harmonies I knew were much higher than the soprano version that Paul showed us, and so I had to adapt. Although I did not mind this as it wasn’t very high for me and so I was comfortable singing it. Paul did this because we are looking at conventions that are connected to children for our Theatre In Education commission. Obviously Avenue Q is great because it has puppets and happy songs like the muppets but there is a lot of adult themes and humour in it.


One thought on “20/09/16 Singing Lesson 2”

  1. Sophia, were you given this as sheet music? It would have been good to have photographed the score if it was and included it as part of your record.
    Watch out for your grammar “but there IS a lot of adult themes and humour in it” the capitalised word shows where the error lies. You talk about ‘themes’ which are plural and you also include ‘humour’ so, even if it was one theme, by having humour included that would be two things and make it plural.


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