Lee Strasberg

  • Strasberg was born November 17th 1901 in Austrian Poland which is now known as Ukraine, and his name was actually Israel not Lee. He cofounded Actors Studio in New York and was considered one of the most prestigious acting schools in the country, they then opened up another one in Los Angeles. It was such a prestigious school that some incredible actors attended it such as:
  • Marilyn Monroe.
  • Dustin Hoffman.
  • Al Pacino.
  • Robert De Niro.

Strasberg was known as the “father of method acting” which is why I’m so interested in him. I’ve never really understood method acting  I know how it works, but I don’t understand how you keep remembering to be that character, and think and do as that character 24/7. Strasberg was inspired by Stanislavski, he even went and studies with some of his students. What I understand he looked at naturalism but then decided to look even deeper. So much so that not only do you gave to be natural and realistic when you perform, but if you really feel and believe that you’re the character then you’re performance will be more believable.

I plan on showing my class a few easy steps on how to do method acting and so with that here are 6 steps that can help get you started.

  • Observe

You need to look at your character carefully, are they shy? Do they like kids? If not, how do they react around them?

  • Why?

Now ask why, why are they shy? Why do they not like kids? its it obvious or not?

  • The character in you

Are you similar to the character in any way? Have you been through similar experiences? If not then can you think about their emotions and relate it to something emotional that you know.

  • Be honest

Don’t just think the character would do this or that, really think what they’re like and try to be as realistic as possible.

  • Other opinions

Ask people what they think, but make sure they give a completely honest opinion.

  • Showtime!

Now you should be ready to perform.

Some of these techniques might be difficult to try at first, especially for people who have never done it, however I think it will be interesting to see the results.

Method Acting is very common and I think if I were to use it, it would be for a character that’s really unique or different to me. So for example someone that has a very unsteady mind like a psychotic killer is very different to a teenage girl who goes to college.

I haven’t been given the opportunity yet to try out a method acting technique, but I can relate it to some of my characters in the monologues I’m looking at.



One thought on “Lee Strasberg”

  1. Sophia, you haven’t really made any effort to tackle the part of the assignment task which asked you to:
    “- Give the historical context of your chosen practitioner
    – Give the social context of your chosen practitioners
    – Write how you feel they have influenced Theatre/Dance/Musical Theatre
    – Give some of their famous works (including published texts, key performances, schools they began, etc.)”
    You cannot afford to ignore ANY aspect of tasks you are set as they are designed to meet the assessment criteria you are being marked against. This will be very critical by unit 12 because if you don’t do ALL of a task by the given deadline and are then asked to go back and do it so that all the necessary evidence is present you will find your grade is capped at a PASS.
    What I like about your entry is that you have made some attempt to relate it to the work that you are doing as part of your training to prepare you to be a practitioner in your own right. This is an area you need to explore more deeply and you had the opportunity when you said “I can relate it to some of my characters in the monologues I’m looking at.” but you didn’t follow through with this which is a huge shame. Please avoid using Wikipedia for your information source when you research – it is unreliable as it can be edited by anyone and you cannot be sure that the information is accurate. If you must use it as your starting point, use the bibliography at the bottom of the page so that you can see the information they have based the page on, this MIGHT be of better quality.


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