22/09/16 Acting blog

I really liked the lesson today because I had never looked into psychological gesture before now. It was really hard for some actions because for example I had the word ‘panic’ and that doesn’t mean you sound like  you’re panicking, but you have to make the other person panic by the tone and pitch of your voice instead. Afterwards we performed one of our monologues. Erica really helped me to think of positioning on stage and because it is directed at the audience either I look between the panel or at one of them and make it convincing. The feedback helped because I’m really liking this monologue and I want to be able to do it as best as I can.


One thought on “22/09/16 Acting blog”

  1. Sophia, some good reflection in this, what will take it to the next level is to evaluate so that you can then think about how you can improve and what you will need to do to make the improvement actually happen.


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