22/09/16 Acting

In Erica’s lesson we looked at psychological actions. She had written two very simple scripts that were very vague in what they were talking about. This was great as we could interpret it ourselves. Then we tried different actions to make the two people talking sound like they were discussing something real, although again it could have been anything. Erica had also written a bunch of the actions out, so some people had to read it as though they were dismissing, seducing or possibly soothing the other person. Next Erica wanted to see where we were with our monologues and she wanted to see some of them as well, and so some of us went up and performed them and then we got some feedback. The monologue that I did is directed at the audience and the character is in her bedroom or even her bed. So Erica suggested that perhaps I was sitting on the bed so that I could place where my partner was as I was talking about him in the monologue.


One thought on “22/09/16 Acting”

  1. Sophia, a good record of this session’s content – please include the character, play, author and scene that your monologue is taken from so that we understand the detail.


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