26/09/16 Jazz blog

When we started going through the routine I really liked it, but I just kept forgetting which foot I need to start on and finish with and then it meant I was going the wrong way or I wasn’t doing a step very well. However Sarah then split us up into groups and I picked it up the more I did it. By the end of the routine I knew it well and was really happy. When Sarah started teaching us the lifts I was a bit nervous because of my height I don’t often get lifted up. It was really hard at first because Tom had to hold my leg quite high and I didn’t even know it could do that let alone for a prolonged period of time, however we did do it very successfully, Sarah old us we shouldn’t lean forward as then we wouldn’t be supporting ourselves and we could both fall over. However when we learnt the harder version which was to do a hitch kick in between moving our leg back and fourth I just really couldn’t do it, thankfully no one else could either so that is something we all need to work on.


One thought on “26/09/16 Jazz blog”

  1. Sophia, some good opening reflection here but I’d like you to try and take this further. You said “I picked it up the more I did it” and you could then reflect on how this might be something you need to bear in mind for potential auditions and productions. Perhaps you need to learn to go over things more than the teacher is perhaps going over it. e.g. when another group is practising you could practice too. Perhaps you need to learn some tricks that will help you remember quicker. Something I found really helpful and which I now use as one of my strategies is not to learn rights and lefts but instead the part of the body which is upstage / downstage, away from centre / towards centre and I relate it to the space – this means if someone asks me to do the same choreography but on the opposite side I can do it much more quickly and I don’t get confused over right and left.


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