Task 2: Other people’s presentations

Today we started Task 2, we were shown three people One dancer (Zoe) and two actors (Leah and James).  Firstly was Zoe she told us about a woman called Isadora Duncan who thought the soul was in the diaphragm and so she revolved a lot of her routines around moving from and to the diaphragm using her arms. Zoe had clearly learnt part of a routine and she showed it to us and taught us. I really enjoyed it and it was really relaxing to try.

Secondly was James. He looked at Stanislavski and one of his methods. He gave us a location and  phrase randomly and we had to build up a quick scene by saying the phrase somewhere in the scene. I also enjoyed this as I was partnered with Hannah and we had a public toilet and the phrase was about getting news from a letter. It was really fun trying to think of a scene that would show were we in a toilet but of course we had to include the phrase which doesn’t really pair up with a toilet.

Lastly we had Leah. She was looking at Berkhof and how he used a lot of movement in his pieces. She gave us a page from one of his scripts and it involved creating a stick insect whilst saying our lines. At first I was really confused and we didn’t have much time left, so we were panicking to think of something. Jack and Vicky’s group did really well at portraying the quick scene however our group and the other group just did our best, but it wasn’t as effective.


One thought on “Task 2: Other people’s presentations”

  1. Sophia, it would have been more useful to you if you could, not only have explained each exercise from the various practitioners as delivered by your peers, but also identified its relevance and usefulness to you as a performer and the forthcoming TiE commission. You could have analysed how effectively your peers explained and taught the technique and how you found the experience.


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