27/09/16 Ballet Lesson 3

Today we did a lot of barre work. We did ronde de jambes, grand battements and we also did a stretching exercise which will help us get our legs higher up. After the barre work we did a small routine that showed our beats.

We do new sequences each work to new music so that we can be pushed to try new things and to also get used to the different vocabulary as it is French. We always do pliés and usually ronde de jambes however we had never done the leg stretches on the barre before which I quite liked and I hope we do more of them. We also don’t usually do beats however I remember doing these last year and only struggled when it came to doing doubles and trying triples, but Helena didn’t make us do them as they are quite hard.


One thought on “27/09/16 Ballet Lesson 3”

  1. Sophia, it would be useful to clarify in your records of ballet classes that the choreography for the regular exercises changes every single week and has different music too which pushes you to pick up the combinations and to learn the vocabulary much more. Make it clear that the usual moves of plies, tendus, glisses etc. are done then point out the new moves you learn which are the ones named in your entry for today.


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