29/09/16 Acting blog

I found that Tom’s technique class was really interesting and I will definitely consider looking at Uta Hagen’s technique when I look at my characters in my monologues. I also thought it was funny that we played “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”, It was so fascinating that even though you know who you’re walking towards you start to get terrified when you get closer and you don’t want to be near them, even though they are just them pretending to be a wolf.


One thought on “29/09/16 Acting blog”

  1. Sophia, Erica asked you to play this game to help you gain an insight into the mind set of children but why do you think she asked you to do this, how does it tie in with the commission? Was this a good exercise to get you to do to achieve this aim? What have you learnt from doing this which will inform the work you do in creating the TiE show?


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