06/10/16 Acting blog

This lesson was my first one back this week as I have been seriously ill the first three days. We were told that we were going to play musical chairs, it was funny but nerve racking and I nearly came first. Erica decided it would be a great game to get in the right mind set of a child. We looked at a previous script from a T.I.E performance from last year, the script had a version of Cinderella in it. It consisted of three characters and Erica wanted us to do it for each other but we needed to think about where our audience would be sitting, the voice we would be using to speak etc as all these things make the difference between whether the children will be entertained or not. We were aloud to say things and call out when watching each others performances because children do the same as they don’t really have a filter. It was really helpful and very funny when we were aloud to talk I loved it!


One thought on “06/10/16 Acting blog”

  1. Sophia, this would have worked better as part of your record as it doesn’t really contain much reflection at all. Try and evaluate whether the aim Erica had for the session was achieved and why this was – if you don’t understand you won’t be able to replicate it yourself in the future. You said it was “it was funny but nerve racking”, why was this? Is this something you would like the children to experience in the show you are creating? What would you need to incorporate to get this effect? Would this work better in the workshop part of what you will be delivering?


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