06/10/16 Acting Lesson 5

Today we played a game of Musical chairs, it helped us to get into the mind set of a child. After that Erica handed out parts of a script that was used last year in a T.I.E show. It was about a girl that was travelling in different stories but she became the main story, the part of the script we had was the story of Cinderella. Erica said we needed to think about where our audience was as they will most likely be sitting on the floor, so our eye line will be further down. Erica also came round and sat down and pretended to be a 4 year old, she would shout out and make noises because that’s what little children do. Afterwards we were allowed to watch each others performances and act like a child and interrupt them.


One thought on “06/10/16 Acting Lesson 5”

  1. Sophia, again a good general record of what was covered in the session. You could record in greater detail how did Erica split you up, was this a joint class with year 2 acting pathway or was it just the 5 of you?


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