07/10/16 Audition technique class

Todays session was really good. I decided to try out my monologue that I showed Josh and Rona from Guildhall to the rest of the MTs and dancers as well as Lynn and Han who also hadn’t seen it. I got some great feedback, and some really helpful criticism. They said that if and when I move my hands it needs to be with more purpose, so that I’m Astrid moving my hands and not me. Similarly the same with my legs as they were crossed over, not that this was a major issue it was more that my toes were twitching. There was also a section in the monologue that lost people a bit as they didn’t understand because I had been speaking in all the same tone for that section. So I need to just look at that so that the panel will be able to distinguish and understand more about what I am saying.


One thought on “07/10/16 Audition technique class”

  1. Sophia, I recommend that when you next try out one of your audition monologues you give someone your camera and get them to film you. You can then look back at what you did and you will then be able to relate it to the feedback you are given. You will also be able to monitor improvements in your performance if you have a series of videos to look back at. Who told you that it was your toes that were twitching rather than your legs which were crossed being not right for the character you were playing? or was this your own thought? What are you specifically going to work on now to improve this still more? When are you going to do this?


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