10/10/16 Jazz blog

I found today really difficult. Especially at the beginning of the lesson. They had learned a new routine which was halloween themed, it is actually really cool. I didn’t even watch I just jumped in and Jess and Sian gave me a rough tutorial about what I was doing. I think its one of the most intricate dances I have ever done, however I was happy we kept repeating it because then I really got the hang of it and by the end I had pretty much got the dance. However at the very end we have to do a double pirouette and i’m not really very good at them, so that will be a challenge for me.


One thought on “10/10/16 Jazz blog”

  1. Sophia, some nuggets of reflection here but try and develop your skills by analysing more thoroughly. You said “I think its one of the most intricate dances I have ever done,” Explain why this dance is so intricate and how it is different from other dances you have done. You say you didn’t watch it through first you just had a quick tutorial with Sian and Jess and then went for it – on reflection was this the best strategy for you to use? If you had watched first do you think you would have found it less or more intricate and challenging to learn? Always consider whether the way you go about doing something is the best and whether you can improve on this? It’s not just about learning something for a particular thing but about developing a portfolio of techniques and tools you can apply to any future projects.


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