10/10/16 Jazz Lesson 4

So today we worked on the “vampire dance”. They had already started it last week however I was not in as I was seriously ill, so I had to learn it today. It’s a really cool, creepy dance and its to the music from Evanescence’s ‘Bring me to life’. I found it so difficult to learn as we never went through it slowly I just had to keep trying to follow what the others were doing, however I know in a couple of lessons I will know what I’m doing. It was just hard, because I haven’t done much jazz and the dance features a lot of movement that I have only seen on television or not at all and so I wasn’t used to seeing or doing something I didn’t recognise.


One thought on “10/10/16 Jazz Lesson 4”

  1. Sophia, not enough information provided – this is the equivalent of a heading and not a statement. It could have worked if you had included a video file of the dance so far as we could then have seen the moves and steps that make up this choreography.


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