11/10/16 Ballet Lesson 4

Today we first went over everything that we have covered in our lessons this year as some of us had missed them out in our posts and blogs. These included:

Barre work

  • Pliés (demi and grande)
  • Rises
  • Ports de bras
  • Battements tendus- to strengthen the feet and legs
  • En Croix
  • Retiré
  • Battement glissés- slightly off the floor
  • Battement frappé
  • Developpé battement- goes from a retiré position

Centre work includes:

  • Ports de bras- carriage of arms, armography
  • petit allegro- little jumps and steps (fast and lively)
  • Echappé- means to escape
  • Echappé sauté- jump to an open position

After we wrote all of this down we did our usual barre work, however we did it without the barre. It was to see how strong our core muscles were, I did rather well I just need to focus on having my posture in the same position the entire time.

Below is me practising a tendu sequence.


One thought on “11/10/16 Ballet Lesson 4”

  1. Good use of video to show your work, I am hoping, when I read your reflective blog, that you will have analysed what you are doing well and what you need to work on.


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