11/10/16 Singing blog

The lesson today was goo as we had Paul again, however even though we all laughed at the song he gave us a reality check. The song was good if it was a few different songs instead of one it would have been much better. He also made it clear to us that we didn’t have a storyline really at all, and that we were literally singing a song about roman roads. It was helpful but a difficult lesson.


One thought on “11/10/16 Singing blog”

  1. Sophia, a hint of reflection here but not enough, I am not yet getting a sense that you (and your group) recognise that you have responsibilities and work to do if you are going to successfully create a T.i.E show of your own. Staff are doing their best to give you techniques and skills to have in your ‘tool box’ and then use on this commission but I get the impression that you are not critical of yourselves individually or as a group and so don’t anticipate the feedback you might get from tutors when you have a go at ‘making’ songs or scenes.
    It seems like you think this is an easy commission that we’ve given you because it is for children, and then you seem surprised when we tell you that what you are doing is not sophisticated enough. It’s like the difference between a sketched idea on the back of an envelope and a finished animated film. Think about the quality level of a Pixar film aimed at children – do you think that they think it is going to be easy and they can just throw it together?


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