T3: What do they produce?

Saltmine Theatre Company produce a variety of shows to educate children. They have shows telling children about Religion and others that talk about British values. Their show “Darkness falls” is the reimagining of the Gospel of John. This production is however for a slightly older audience of 12+ because it does have aggressive behaviour and bad language in it.

Here is a link to the trailer of the show.

However they have another show called “In their shoes” which teaches younger children that you shouldn’t treat people differently just because they are different. It is performed to key stage 2 children which is great because they are one of the age categories that we are also researching. There is a trailer for this as well, however for some reason it isn’t working, however the link is on the website.

The Hobgoblins Theatre Company is really cool. For Key stage 1 children they do fairy tale stories and for Key stage 2 they do shows on different periods of time in history. For key stage 1 they do classic fairy tale stories such as goldilocks and the three bears and Hansel and Gretel. They teach children to show respect to others like how Goldilocks needs the respect the three bears home. There Key stage 2 shows focus on various places in time, such as the Egyptians, the Tudors, the Vikings etc. They teach children more on specific people from these ages. For example the Tudor story is an original tale that focuses on William Shakespeare, Queen Elisabeth the 1st is requesting a new play and on the way the children are also introduced to Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh. As a group teaching the children something to do with History is a very strong idea that we have for our final major project.

I’m mostly interested in a specific show that the Take Away Theatre Company do. It also happens to be the UKs leading anti bullying production. The show is called “Hope”, its a story about a pop star that comes back to her home town and bumps in to an old school acquaintance which brings back memories of abuse and bullying that she suffered as a child. It teaches children that just because you have been bullied doesn’t mean that you cant be successful, but also that you should never bully people because some may over come it and reach their goals, but of course others suffer greatly. Here are some photos from the production:

Anti Bullying in Schools  anti bullying perfomance  anti bullying perfomanceanti bullying perfomance


One thought on “T3: What do they produce?”

  1. Sophia, it would be good practice to repost the websites that you found this information on so that you have referenced it again.
    I had hopes that you were going to give some thoughtful opinion when I read “I’m mostly interested in a specific show that the Take Away Theatre Company do. ” but you didn’t go on to explain why you found this most interesting. This was an opportunity for you to relate what these companies do with what YOUR company might do and to analyse why this might or might not be useful for YOUR potential performance.
    You don’t seem to have looked at what these companies produce for schools alongside the performance they offer – do they provide workshops? packs with learning materials in them? opportunities for the students to develop their own performance pieces around the theme? Why do you think they would offer this in addition to the performance?


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