T3: Which companies already operate in Theatre in Education?

I have found several companies that specialise in TIE productions to schools.

The first one I found was Saltmine Theatre Company. They work with 21 local education authorities, perform in over 270 schools and to more than 54,ooo students across the British Isles. The  company feel it is important to educate the next generation and will empower them to make wise choices that will impact the rest of their lives.  They do this through inventive story-telling theatre and interactive workshops.  They also like to tackle a lot of major issues, such as internet safety, bullying and extremism. They also look at the current non-statutory Religious Education curriculum.

Another I have found is Hobgoblin Theatre company. Looking that their website you can see they are very child orientated. They began in 2007 and have performed to hundreds of thousands of children in hundreds of schools all over the country. They have a firm focus on educational values and are considered an invaluable resource by teachers across the UK. They write all their own shows from scratch as well as their costumes, sets and props.

An interesting company I found was The Takeaway Theatre Company. This company specialises in anti bullying and teaching children that it is wrong. There most performed production is “Hope” and its very successful. They do other productions as well, but there anti bullying shows are obviously very important especially to children who are growing up as they need to understand that being mean and horrible to someone is very wrong.

Saltmine, http://www.saltminetrust.org.uk/content/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=42&Itemid=67 (12/10/16)

Hobgoblin theatre company,  http://hobgoblintheatrecompany.co.uk/home/4546005684 (12/10/16)

The Takeaway Theatre Company, http://www.takeawaytheatre.co.uk/ (12/10/16)


One thought on “T3: Which companies already operate in Theatre in Education?”

  1. Sophia, it was good to see that you referenced the information you found out about these 3 TiE companies although I am disappointed that you haven’t identified the age range and the educational subjects that they have focused their productions on. If you want to produce evidence that is clearly at Pass and better still meets the higher standards you are going to have to provide evidence which is more thorough and which is also more thoughtful i.e. your thoughts and opinions about the information you have discovered. At the moment I have no idea if you are looking forward to, dreading, thinking its going to be easy etc. the idea of developing your own professional standard TiE piece. The whole point of doing this research is to make sure that you are knowledgeable and informed about what you need to do, it is not because it is a box ticking exercise.


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