13/10/16 Acting blog

Today was challenging as Erica told us we had to come up with a T.I.E piece within a few minutes, however we didn’t have to think so hard, because the actors did the same task this morning and they chose the subject of the “great fire of London”, so we chose it as well and made it more musical based. It was really funny and we started to do the traditional song of London’s burning but in cannon. However we needed a story so we thought about how it started at the bakers and then added dialogue, it started off well but then went a bit chaotic as we started “putting out the fire” it was helpful though because it made us think about all the things we missed and how we could progress this further to make it an excellent educational piece.


One thought on “13/10/16 Acting blog”

  1. Sophia, some potential here for some good reflection but you don’t really get going with it – try and be more analytical and relate to the TiE commission but also to your own developing skills – do you get the most out of a session, do you go for easy options, are all members of your group focused and hard working, how does this impact on you and what you get out of a session?


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