17/10/16 Jazz blog

Today was such a fun lesson, we tried a street dance routine, I have never done street before except for in season sessions. Although I have only been to 1 session. I found it so hard at first, because it was fast and I knew what to do I just couldn’t do it. However I eventually did it all and it was so fun! I am glad that we can do different genres of dance.


One thought on “17/10/16 Jazz blog”

  1. Sophia, try and reflect on what dance qualities you need to show to make movements look like street dance and not like ballet or tap or jazz.
    You identify that although you could do the moves you couldn’t do them fast so what stops you? Is it that you do not have enough co-ordination to be able to do things fast or is it that when you dance you use your mind to remember what comes next and your mind couldn’t move fast enough or is it that you don’t understand where each of the movements starts from so you are fumbling through them? These are different problems and have different solutions but, if you don’t take the opportunity to work out which is YOUR problem, you won’t be able to develop the skills to overcome this and not be overcome by it in a similar situation in the future.


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