08/11/16 Ballet blog

We did loads of barre work today, I’ve been trying to go into my pliés going down straight, it’s annoying because it means I can’t go very far, but at least I’m doing them properly now.


One thought on “08/11/16 Ballet blog”

  1. Good Sophia – you have recognised that it is better to do something right and to build on it rather than to do it technically wrong which can lead to a whole chain of problems in the future. Please work on reflecting more widely across the whole class (i.e. all the exercises and not just one exercise) and also think about how others work around you and the effect this has on your ability to learn and progress. From my observations you are one of the few in your class who works in a focused manner yet you may not be able to progress as much as might be possible if all the class worked in the same way instead of wasting time and being distracting. This should be reflected on and also whether there is anything you can do to let your class know that they are impacting on the progress you are able to make.


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