Task 5 Presentation

The video below contains my presentation I did for Task 5. The idea was an extension from an idea we had in acting and I decided to move forward with it. My video presentation is number 24.


One presentation I really enjoyed watching was Toms, because his idea was original and would engage children quite well. I also like that he decided to make it more personal and sat down with us and just spoke with us about it, no powerpoint, just some notes. His presentation is number 10.

One presentation I didn’t enjoy as much was Jess’s. She was just quite unprepared and had beginnings of ideas not and actual whole complete idea. So I didn’t really understand what her ideas were as she hadn’t really progressed them further. Her video is number 17.


One thought on “Task 5 Presentation”

  1. Sophia, you have not provided all the evidence asked for – you were asked to “include a short summary of each idea presented that is relevant to your specialist pathway.” so I would have expected this for Sian’s idea and also for Scott’s. Try and analyse each idea and whether it was appropriate as the basis for the show your group would develop as opposed to whether you liked the way it was presented. You don’t seem to have considered your own idea in the light of the four other presentations from your group – do you feel that your idea would be the best one to take forwards as a show? If not, which one would and why? I would also have liked to have seen evidence of the preparation you had made ready for your presentation, that way we would be able to see whether you were able to communicate your whole idea effectively or whether there were elements that you omitted to tell the group.


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