10/11/16 Acting blog

This lesson was so good, we have progressed so much this week with our T.I.E idea and I’m really excited to be playing the villain! I think our piece will be so great and I cant wait for more lessons to progress this idea.


One thought on “10/11/16 Acting blog”

  1. Sophia, this is not reflection – it is an outburst of enthusiasm. Analyse why this idea is the right idea – it’s your group’s third idea isn’t it? Why are you excited about playing the villain? Why is there a villain? How does this idea meet the requirements of a TiE performance? What are the educational outcomes you need to make sure are clear as you work on it? Are all your group committed to this new idea? Will this definitely be the final idea or, if you go back to Paul’s session, will you find yourself changing to another new idea? How much have you been influenced by particular members of staff? Why might this be a good or bad thing?


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