11/11/16 Singing lesson

Today was such a good lesson with Birgitta. We went over the song “somewhere” from West Side Story which she had give me a few weeks ago. I was having a bit of trouble with some of the higher notes so she made sure that my head and neck were positioned and straightened up properly. Then she was telling me about my soft pallet and how when I get to the higher notes I need to lift it up and make it seem like i’m about to yawn. This was so odd because I had never done this in my life so it felt really weird. However after a very small amount of time I got the hang of except I wasn’t singing the song with words when I did it, we stuck with”Arr” sounds. It seemed a bit more difficult when we added the lyrics in because words with “EE” sounds close up the mouth more making it difficult to use your soft pallet, especially if you were me and you had just learned this technique. After that she wanted me to make it sound like I was really longing and i was sad. There is a thing that happens in your throat when you may be about to cry for example, its like a muscle moving forward diagonally and this is called tilting. I managed to do it straight away and then sung with it, it dipped in and out occasionally when I wasn’t focusing on something “sad” to get the muscle but Birgitta was so impressed because apparently most people can’t do that straight away and find both holding the pallet and tilting hard. I was so happy and pleased for myself.


One thought on “11/11/16 Singing lesson”

  1. Sophia, watch out for the spelling of ‘palate’ – you are using the spelling ‘pallet’ which is incorrect when you mean this part of the mouth / throat. This is a good record of the session and I can see why you felt pleased with your process. What is missing is your reflection on the session and what you are going to need to do if you are going to be able to continue using the soft palate and tilting techniques without B being there. Are your singing sessions normally such break-through sessions? Why do you think this happened in this session? Ideally you want to be able to have break-trough’s every session and continue to progress and acquire new techniques / singing skills


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