14/11/16 Jazz blog

We practised one of the step sequences from our dance routine, I think just so Sarah could clean it as much as possible before we move on the our next part of the dance. It’s pretty hard and I’m happy I can roll down on my right, because when we tried it on my left I could never get low enough and therefore just kept hitting my hips and bum on the floor, which was painful after a short period of time.


One thought on “14/11/16 Jazz blog”

  1. Sophia, you need to analyse WHY you are not able to get low enough on your left side. Is this anything to do with your difficulty to carry out plié action? Could you have short Achilles and poor flexion in your ankles? Are you using a slightly different technique on the right side compared to the left side which is why it works well one way and not the other? It is very important that you get used to asking yourself questions and trying to find appropriate solutions rather than just make statements. If you cannot get the hang of this it will be very difficult for you to produce evaluative and reflective evidence at the higher standards.


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