15/11/16 Singing Lesson 8

Today we have finished a song which is the song for when we go into “New York” and its really cool, so we have one song and only a few more left to write. Birgitta helped us as well think of a tune for the song and we made the chorus really simple and we repeat it, so that the children can learn it and sing along.


This is the song:



One thought on “15/11/16 Singing Lesson 8”

  1. Sophia, where is the evidence of the tune that B helped your group with? Is there a video or audio file that you could add to this record? I am still struggling to understand what you, as an individual, are doing in each session as you record generally and in terms of the group. For a Pass you MUST give us YOUR individual puzzle pieces and we will have to put them together with the puzzle pieces of the rest of your group to understand the whole picture. For the higher standards you will not only give us YOUR puzzle pieces but you will show that you have oversight of the others and the ‘picture’ you are all contributing to.


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