22/11/16 Singing Lesson 9

Today there was only two of us in the lesson, so we showed Birgitta what our script was like so far and then we knew we needed to write another song. It was difficult because there was only me, Scott and Birgitta and our ideas didn’t really bounce off each other as easily as it would in a big group. Saying that though we didn’t complete and write a song and now we have one for Egypt! Here it is:


One thought on “22/11/16 Singing Lesson 9”

  1. Sophia, thank you for including the audio file of the new song. Be careful of how you write because you actually wrote that you “didn’t complete and write a song ” but you actually meant that you DID write a song. Where are the lyrics to your song? Who contributed what to the song? You need to be able to identify clearly what YOU do in a session not what the group does because that is what counts when we assess your work. It is not the group that gets the qualification it is individual students.


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