24/11/16 Acting Lesson 11

We had nearly everyone in the session today which was great! Tom was sadly at an audition and even though they are both ill, Sian and Jess still made it in. We read through our script and videoed it but we weren’t doing it properly and so it was filled with lots of stopping and laughing and messing around so I thought it best not to put it up anywhere. Then we looked at little problems that didn’t really make sense at first, or came in too early in the story. We also showed the others our newest song about Egypt as they hadn’t heard it yet. They thought it was a little slow, however when we make backing tracks with Paul later on he can speed it up for us if we need it to be faster. Especially when it comes to choreographing it. I think that the song was well written considering only two of us wrote it and of course neither of us have had much experience in writing a song especially one filled with educational knowledge.


One thought on “24/11/16 Acting Lesson 11”

  1. Sophia, these records are getting shorter and shorter, you say you videoed the read through – where is the link to this? We need proper evidence of what you are doing if there is to be any chance of you providing evidence at the higher standards. Please make sure that future entries in the New Year are much more comprehensive and that there is supporting evidence such as videos, photos, audio files etc.


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