28/11/16 Tap Lesson 10

Sarah had to leave at the beginning of the lesson, so she gave us some tasks to do. Jess was in today, she was really ill so we showed her our footloose dance which also helped us remember it. Then Sarah wanted us to look at different steps and try to come up with a sequence, this is mine.


The steps include:

  • Heel, toe and shuffle step x2
  • Shuffle step x2
  • Time step
  • Cramp roll
  • Shuffle right
  • Cramp roll
  • Shuffle left
  • Charleston (because why not)
  • Stamp

One thought on “28/11/16 Tap Lesson 10”

  1. Sophia, this is great and much more the kind of record I wanted you to be making of the session. I can clearly see not only what you did but you have listed the steps making up this combination which shows your understanding and knowledge. More entries like this please.


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