05/12/16 Jazz Lesson 11

We had Sian and Jess in for our lesson today which was good as we could show them more of the routine we have been working on and taught them the new steps. Then Sarah wanted us to practise lifts with the boys. It was really good and we were taught a new one as well as the one we had tried before. The new one made you go between the boys legs and spin round so that you were by their leg gracefully I got stuck on the floor when I tried spinning round and I also kept forgetting to duck my head right down, but other than that it went well. The other lift was the one that features the hitch kick but I can’t ever do that one so I just do the finishing position. I can’t do it because I just can’t kick quick enough and because I’m relying on Tom to keep me in the air and not drop me I also have little confidence in it as he doesn’t do it properly. I haven’t had much practise doing hitch kicks either which is also why I find it hard especially in such a small confined space as I am against Tom’s body and in his arms.


One thought on “05/12/16 Jazz Lesson 11”

  1. Sophia, a general record and with a small amount of detail for the lifts. I am a little concerned about your statement “The other lift was the one that features the hitch kick but I cant ever do that one so I just do the finishing position.” Have you persevered and made sustained and serious attempts to carry this out? Why can’t you do this lift? What is preventing you? It sounds like you have settled for second best which is not a good approach to have to your work when you are in a learning situation and developing technical skills. Have you worked with your partner outside of the class to improve on this lift? Have you asked Sarah for some coaching for you and your partner to see if you can get it? Have you been working on your flexibility? It would be a different matter if the show was in a week’s time and your partner was physically unable to carry out this lift with you.
    I note that there is no reflective blog attached to this record.


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