06/12/16 Ballet Lesson 10

Today we only had 4 people doing ballet, because some people had recalls, were ill or just didn’t turn up to the lesson for no reason. So we had a little master class, I have started to see an improvement in my arm work as well although I can’t always remember them during sequences. I have also been told that my back arches sometimes and so I need to straighten up into the right position. The things we did in the lesson were:

Barre work:

  • Pliés- we did  “mess with the mind” combination
  • tendus
  • glissés with pas de bourré
  • frappés and petit battement
  • grand battement with envelope action.


We have started a group routine although there was only 4 of us, but it went well.


One thought on “06/12/16 Ballet Lesson 10”

  1. Sophia, did we video the centre sequence? It would be useful to upload this to this entry. Some reflective content her but again not deeply analytical, try and develop this side of your work in the new Year so that you have it nailed by the final unit.


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