Task 9: Evaluation

After watching the feedback and our video I agreed and disagreed with some of the statements made.

The first comment by Hannah in the feedback video, I disagreed with. Hannah said that i shouldn’t do the typical “rhyming” voice when I am saying my lines. In normal circumstances I would agree with this, however we are performing to an age range of 4-5 year old children. Therefore using a voice that sounds like a narrator for fairy tales fits quite nicely personally.

Jack mentioned that Scott’s character “Timothy” and his characterisation for Timothy was very funny. It was great that we made it clear that “Timothy” was the more geeky know it all child out of the three, as this shows we have thought about how he would act and what sort of things he would say and how he might say them differently to someone who doesn’t have a very high IQ. Jack also mentioned that the show was very “pantoesque” and for our age group that is brilliant. Especially because we are performing not long after Christmas and the most recent piece of theatre these children will have most likely seen is a pantomime.

We didn’t have a set (obviously) but it was good to know that with the chairs representing the door to the other countries, people understood that it was the “magic frame”. However Erica did say that we need to really work on our blocking. This is a very valid point because we were too spread out in certain parts and so for example when I entered there wasn’t much space for me to also stand, but then I also couldn’t have my back to the audience. This led to a very awkward semi circle and so we need to work on spacing. And because we do keep changing worlds we go from one side of the stage and throw ourselves to the other side, however we can use the downstage space a lot more which will help with that issue.

Helena thought that it seemed quite static and wordy which is good so we can come up with some more movement within the piece for example every time I enter i could twirl or spin in? We also need to make the genies more magical considering they are the only ones that can rhyme. However she loves how the good genie and the children travel to and from the museum by holding hands in a long chain. She also thought that the rap song was very physical and engaging but the only song that seemed to be.

Erica mentioned that we all need to work on our characterisation especially Tom, because he is playing two different characters so its a harder task for him. Erica suggested that in the end we bring Martin back in, because then we can show he was the genie all a long and just sum it up for the children.

Faye thought that we needed to involve the children more and thought that it was more like they were just watching a show/pantomime, Tom suggested that he was thinking of having all the children stand up and march or do some actions. This was a great thought however we don’t know if we’re performing to 2o children or possibly the entire school which could be 100, proving that task to be difficult. Erica suggested that our way to involve them would be through song because we do repeat the chorus a lot so that they can copy, and it is deliberately to a tune they will recognise (hopefully) which is the song “she’ll be coming round the mountain”.

Lou mentioned that because I am the bad genie I will possibly get a “boo” from the children which I am partly expecting as we have already spoken about this with Erica, however she said that if we practice with more live audiences pretending to be children then I will adapt quickly.

Erica made a point that we need to make it really obvious as to what we’re teaching the kids. We’re teaching them Geography and showing them what kind of things are in certain countries, however we need to make that obvious by asking a question that will get answered. E.g do you know what a monument is and where there are some in the world? something like that, just so they are also clear that they will be learning something and that it’s not just a show to watch.

There was a point in the story where we hadn’t written a rhyme for one of the locations so we need to look back at our scripts to add that in. As well as tweaking and adding new parts to the story anyway.

In conclusion I really agree with a lot f these points and I think we now need to go back to the script and add in where we need more dialogue in the scenes so its not too rushed. In also think we need to add more about the bad genie in bland land to make it more obvious that she is all alone in this boring place and that’s why shes mean. I think that we definitely need to put Martin the tour guide back in at the end because of course hes very important they are his paintings after all and we also need to figure out a way to show that Martin is the good genie in disguise.


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