06/01/17 Cinema trip

We were given the opportunity today to go and watch Harold Pinter’s “No Man’s Land”. I didn’t enjoy the play much, I just didn’t understand it. I understood that Hurst (one of the main characters played by Patrick Stewart) had Alzheimer’s or Dementia, I also understood who Spooner was in relation to Hurst and that he was a guest. However later in Act 2 they have a conversation where they’re trying to out do each other on parts of their past, although they were talking about the same people as if they had known each other for years. I don’t know though if Spooner was just playing along, because Hurst confused him for someone else or whether they actually do know each other, but from the beginning of the show that now doesn’t make sense. Overall I did think it was a great idea and very helpful as I just don’t have much time to go and see a play and since its in a lesson period where we would be learning about the industry, I definitely think we should have more trips as I and many others benefit from it immensely.


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