12/01/17 Acting Lesson 14

After Gary’s observation on Monday we had been given a few comments and notes about what the show needed to include and what was missing.  These are the notes.

  • Kids love good and bad – make bad genie more evil and good genie nice.
  • Who is the brother and sister? This comment I didn’t really understand because it is obviously the two genies? But we have made it even more obvious now.
  • Why does he paint? We have decided that he paints to preserve his memories and that’s his magical genie power.
  • Why does she want his paintings? Griselda wants his paintings as revenge for something Emyrss did to her.
  • Should introduce a little prologue. I have written a prologue for the beginning before we start.
  • Make it more obvious that the kids notice the caretaker. We have now created a very small scene where the kids bump into the caretaker briefly.
  • Missed opportunities for participation. I have gone through the script and have noted down where all the possible audience participation could take place within the script.
  • Make a point of saying Griselda 3x every time you call her. Again I have gone through the script and written these in.
  • Entering a new country. They should describe what they see to get the children to answer more.
  • BLOCKING! Yes, we really need to sort this out.
  • Don’t be afraid to be stereotypically evil. I have looked at opportunities for more evil laughter and evil gestures etc.
  • If painting isn’t returned in time that landmark collapses. We thought this was a bit morbid and so suggested that the landmarks just disappeared but with the prologue now we don’t need to think of a consequence for the buildings.
  • Adapt the songs more clearly to their countries. At the moment its hard because we’re only singing in a capella, however we do have music and they are adapted to their countries.

This lesson was helpful because after talking about the notes and discussing them we decided to split up the group and gave each other different jobs. Tom was going to find some more French sounding music for the Paris song, Sian, Jess and Scott were going to write the prologue as they will be the ones talking in it and I was going to go through the script and add in audience participation and tweak things etc. This didn’t completely go to plan as the prologue people were all busy at the weekend and so was I, however I wrote one ready for Monday and it is now going to be used.

This is the prologue:

FLEUR: Hello boys and Girls we have a story for you
ELEANOR: Who here has a brother or sister?
TIMOTHY: Who here argues with their brother or sister?
ELEANOR: who here gets along with there brother or sister?
[walk over to a child and ask them the following questions]
FLEUR: Do you have a brother or sister?
(if no choose another child)
– Are they older or younger than you?
-Do you fight with them or are they really nice to you?
ELEANOR: Well we are going to tell you about a brother and sister we know who didn’t get a long very well.
TIMOTHY: However this brother and sister were genies.
FLEUR: Which means they were also very magical.
ELEANOR: Genies also dont grant wishes until they have become adults which we sadly found out.
TIMOTHY: These genies weren’t old enough to grant wishes but they did have many other powers.
FLEUR: The good genie is called Emyrss and his power is painting his memories. ELEANOR: Genies cant remember everything that happens to them.
TIMOTHY: So when Emyrss paints, his memories travel into the painting.
FLEUR: and as long as these paintings are with him, he can remember them all!
ELEANOR: But if they were ever destroyed or taken he would forget that memory forever, unless it was returned.
TIMOTHY: Now his evil sister Griselda didn’t have this as her power, as HER magical power was rhyming.
FLEUR: All genies speak in rhyme, however Griselda was especially good at it.
ELEANOR: But no one seemed to think that it was a cool magical power.
TIMOTHY: So she turned bitter and jealous promising that one day she would get revenge. FLEUR: She hid herself away in a place other genies call Bland Land.
ELEANOR: It’s really not fun at all!
TIMOTHY: Emyrss tried to visit her and cheer her up.
FLEUR: But she didn’t want to see him. To try and keep his paintings safe Emyrss removed his sister from each painting hoping she would forget.
TIMOTHY: Griselda was so angry at him she tried to destroy all of his paintings.
FLEUR: So Emyrss kept them safe in public places all around the world.
ELEANOR: Humans aren’t supposed to know about genies.
TIMOTHY: So they disguise themselves and then people think they’re just normal humans.
ELEANOR: Emryss thought his paintings were safe in this art gallery.
FLEUR: but unfortunately, he was wrong.
TIMOTHY: Griselda was so mad that she was removed from the paintings, she had to get revenge….
FLEUR: I bet you’re thinking how we met these two genies.
ELEANOR: It started off in a museum.
TIMOTHY: Do you know what a museum is?
Have you kids been to any museums?
FLEUR: Well come on lets go
(All run off stage right)

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