16/01/17-20/01/17 Week 17

Monday 16th


Our lesson today was a very intense Jazz lesson. We did a long workout and did many stretches, I have discovered that I am very close now  when it comes to splits and I’m so happy! However my box splits still need work although I am further down in those as well. We then did Kicks and leaps and I’ve started to really straighten my back leg now when I jump. Sarah then showed us a very quick Jazz routine for us to learn and it didn’t take me very long to learn it either which I was pleased at although it was very short so there were not many steps. We then quickly re capped on the “Bring me to life” song, although we were missing a few people so we didn’t add more steps, we just practised it.


We had an extremely short lesson today as our Jazz over ran a little too much. However we did quickly go over the footloose dance routine a couple of times, because we keep forgetting parts of it. However we now remember all the bits we have learnt and have nearly finished the beginning part of the dance which is great! I’m also getting much better at some of the steps and the timing which is helpful as tap is fast and you need to get the timings right other wise it just goes all out of sync.


I showed the rest of the group the prologue I had written at the weekend and we went through it and edited some lines, because they were just unnecessary. Tom also showed us the French song however it was quite slow and hard to figure out the melody, then we thought about how Gary mentioned that the “Can Can” was French and coincidently it fitted the lyrics very well and the chorus, so we also have a backing song for the Paris song.

We then had directed study and briefly showed Erica our changes, she liked them both and so we now have a script that seems to make sense and clarify any questions or queries people might have.

Tuesday 17th

We had an open day, so instead only helpers and people who are in Bent or Lily’s had to come in. I am in Lily’s on the Land so I came in after lunch and we videoed footage for our trailer. It went well, however the first hour or so a lot of the cast were messing around for a long time and I and some others were getting really fed up. We did sort it out in the end though.

Wednesday 18th

We started to look at workshop ideas for our T.I.E project. The three main ideas we briefly discussed were:

  • Throwing an inflatable globe to each other in a circle- guess what continent the country they point at comes from.
  • *starboard* idea- were we will have different corners of the room as different things. They could be New York, Paris, Cairo and then we ask questions so the kids have to run to which one they think is right.
  • Worksheets- On the countries we have looked at and there can be some little crosswords etc on it as well.

Thursday 19th

Our acting session started off rather strangely as we had to evacuate the room because of some kind of chemical leak. We moved into purple haze and set up our stage. It proved slightly difficulty as this was a very small space to work in and our set will be much bigger, but it worked for the session. We went through each scene slowly adding in lines and really focusing on the blocking so that we don’t forget it. I have written down the notes Erica has given me so I can add in and edit more of the script.



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