06/02/17-10/02/17 Weekly log


Sunday 5th February

We started discussing about paintings and how we would create them. Jess’s father is a painter and decorator and so she had decided she would ask him if he would do that for us. So I found some ideas on what the paintings could look like on google and sent them so that Jess’s father had an idea on what we wanted. He was so helpful to us and we were very grateful for his help as it meant we had one less thing to worry about, it also really helped because when we started painting the back drops we had inspiration from the paintings and so they didn’t look too dissimilar to each other.

This was a discussion about the paintings and what we wanted them to look like.

5 february group chat.jpgpicture-ideas-for-paintingspicture-ideas-for-paintings-2



Monday 6th  February


We carried on with our tap routine this lesson instead of doing Jazz first, it was because last week we did loads of jazz in our lesson and worked on the “Bring Me To Life” routine as we had most of the class present. Today we had a look at our Tap dance and Sarah decided it would be cool if we were sitting on blocks and did this whole routine in a row whilst sitting there. It was really cool, however we only did the feet movement at first and then added in arm movements to do at the same time, this was alright and not very difficult as the hands were going the same way as your feet. Then Sarah put in movements for the head, this proved a lot harder for me as the co-ordination went out the window, so that is something I need to work on however there is a lot of time to practise.


We started with Tap in this lesson so when it came to jazz we had to stretch and warm up quickly in order for us to not get injured. This was fine and we started with kicks starting front,then to the side and then to the back. I feel like I wasn’t very good, but I think that was partly down lack of our workout and intense stretch and my balance and core muscles just weren’t working well that day for me which of course does not help. However I have started going to the gym more recently and so those things will change and improve. We then briefly went over “Bring Me To Life” just to make sure we remembered it and of course we did which was good.

Here is a chat from our group discussing about costume and starting to think about getting everything we need ready for the up coming show.


Tuesday 7th February


Today we decided to split into two little groups because we needed to keep paining the backdrops, however we also needed to create a backing track for the Paris song. We decided that Tom and Scott should do the song as they have a great knowledge when it comes to music, and me and the two girls carried on painting. We started painting the Egypt one first, it wasn’t for any particular reason we just decided we should start with that one. We got quite a lot of it done but did not finish it, however the boys and Paul had created a really great backing track and they did really well with it.


Considering TIE was coming up and we also had an essay to write for the coming Friday, Helena let us go and work on these things instead. It was great because I decided to get more of my essay done and I was going well with it. The others decided to carry on with set. When I was finished I went in and helped them, the Egypt back drop was nearly finished so I helped with the sky, Sian had found this fantastic idea on how to build a camel head out of cardboard and it was so cool! So she taught Jess and they decided to start creating four of those, Tom was moving between painting the taxi and helping me with the sunset sky as he was blending in the colours.

These are what we started to make in our lessons.

Wednesday 8th February

I had a little session with Erica as I wanted to work on my characterisation for the “Evil Genie Griselda” We went through all my lines gradually through the script which was so helpful! We also added in some new lines and changed a few, as well as changing and giving Tom a few lines as well. This meant we had a few more to learn, but it wasn’t a major issue. Erica and I then looked at the ending as I had only written a silly version as a temporary ending, because we didn’t have one. We started to thinking of some idea and I think Erica had a thought on how it should end. I liked the fact that it ended with Martin and that he then tells the children why its so great to travel the world and all the things you can see and places you can visit etc. This then became the main focus on what Tom’s character Martin would say and we ended the session on a successful note. In our lessons later that day we spent the day either going through our scripts and continuing togo through the blocking or working on set. The Year ones had a show that night as well so “Lillies on the Land” was not on and therefore we decided as a group that we would finish off any set we had done today and then start to do more if we had time. We finished the Egypt background and nearly all the camels, me and Erica were sat and made camel ears and Scott attempted to create his camel. Tom finished his taxi and as some people had to finish early we started the New York backdrop and left it out to dry. It was a really productive day and Im confident that we are ahead or on target for everything we need to do.


Thursday 9th February


Today Erica had a lesson observation and wanted to use our class for it, since we’re such a great group. It was good because we had a little warm up to get us started, then we started looking at the Paris song and started creating a routine. It went well and we also partly did a run through of what we had blocked, the tutors observing seemed to enjoy it as they laughed and we got them to join in with the parts that needed audience participation. It was really productive and I think that was partly because we were being observed and had to behave more. None the less we had finished everything we needed to do performance wise and I have already started remembering some of my lines as well, so the progress is great.


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