27/02/17-03/03/17 Week 22

Monday 27th

Sarah was not in today so we went to the computer room and started more of our new commission work, I had started thinking of ideas and listening to some music to see what would work and what wouldn’t. However these were just very vague ideas. For our practical lesson later on in the day we went back to the computer room and I decided it would be better to finish off any other tasks I had to do instead so I tried to complete those.

Tuesday 28th

Today we had a nice normal day with our timetabled lessons.


In singing we spoke with Paul about our new commission he spoke to us about the music side to the show, because we are the musical theatre students and therefore will mostly be involved in that. He said it would be best to chose songs for musicals because they’re already written for a scenario similar to a storyline we might create for the show and so it would fit well. Disney was also an option as it is similar they’re just more film musicals instead of musicals made into films, however Disney are known for their heroes and villains. One thing to not think about though would be normal music, no rap, pop, hip hop. rock etc.. just because the meaning to the songs are necessarily there and the artists speak about unimportant rubbish most of the time. This has helped me, because now I have a smaller group of songs to focus on for my work so I can really pick the best songs for each idea.


This was our first ballet lesson since half term because of theatre in education, so Helena made us write a goal on the board of something we want to achieve in the lesson. My goal for the lesson was to keep my supporting leg straight, this is because I usually slightly bend it especially when doing a technique on a rise or when we do fondus. Writing this on the board really helped me focus on it and so I made sure I kept my supporting leg strong for the entire lesson. I definitely think we should do this more as it just helps me focus on what I need to do, otherwise I may just forget it.

ballet goal

Thursday 2nd/Friday 3rd

We had our tech rehearsal all day for Lillie’s On The Land so I was out of lessons. The boys also had their tech run the next day and so no one was in college unless they were from one of the shows or wanted to come in to do some work. So Friday was also just filled with rehearsals and fixing anything little details as well.



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