Task 1a: Proposal and Ideas

sophia-lerigos-proposal-for-saints-and-sinners This is my old proposal.

Proposal This is my newest proposal.

Here is my proposal with my final ideas and below was my original word press post with my original ideas before I changed them.

Okay so my first idea was to have this big opening or could be closing number which featured a bunch of angels and devils or rebels and geeks something very contrasting, and there would be two very distinct songs on for the saints and one for the sinners. However I was thinking the two songs could collaborate and flow into one another or there could be a few songs and it could be created into a medley.

The songs I am thinking of are:

  • Be Prepared- Lion King
  • Through Heavens Eyes-Prince of Egypt
  • It’s Our House Now- Disney Villains
  • Playing With The Big Boys- Prince of Egypt
  • Rotten To The Core- Disney Descendants

My second idea featured a monologue of some kind of story about love most likely with a Romeo and Juliet kind of theme it would feature either your stereotypical angel and devil or perhaps a 50s chick and a biker dude?  Or it could be how and good guy of some kind perhaps an angel is in love with a devil girl? During the monologue two more people would come onto the stage dressed the same and they would sing a song, either a sad love song or a happy one depending on what direction I want to go with this and the monologue would continue filtering in and out of the song.

The songs I am thinking of for a medley are:

  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight- Lion King
  • Love Is An Open Door- Frozen
  • Hellfire-Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • What Is This Feeling-Wicked
  • As Long As Your Mine-Wicked
  • Once Upon A December-Anastasia

Staying on the theme of monologues I thought a nice comedic one could be good. It would be a boy or a girl and they’re about to make a bad decision about something, then an angel and devil appear like they were on the persons shoulders and they have a little quarrel about whether or not the person should go through with the decision. Whether they didn’t know whether to steal something or play a prank on someone. Moving this idea forward there could be a few little scenarios all on stage with different people and they either have the same angel and devil or all different. If they’re the sae ones then it could be funny because they’re all making them run around because they’re helping people make good and bad life choices. If they’re different angel’s and devils then that can just be funny to see what decisions people make and who’s more convincing the good side or the dark side.

My last decision is dance themed. Its a battle between good and evil I was thinking some kind of Greek gods theme could be good for this and then it could start off with a ballet sequence which is for the good people and then maybe an outbreak of street dance with the bad guys then they all join and do the same thing but still battling one another.

The songs I am thinking of are:

  • In The Dark Of The Night- Anastasia
  • Prologue-Anastasia
  • Reminiscing with Grandma-Anastasia

These ideas changed because I then thought first of all an idea about a big opening number wasn’t as relevant to the task and later on if we did have a big opening number then I could think about discussing these ideas with people. For my monologue/song idea I was aware that it may be difficult to find a song where you could break it up to fit dialogue in between and I would also need to change possibly the pitch and tempo of the song for it to work. Another reason I did not change this idea as I did really like it, because I also saw how the Theory Of Everything sketch had a big effect on the audience causing many to cry and so a scene like that would be really great to have in the show. I think my dance battle idea may have been too demanding to do, and many people also suggested ideas similar to a battle so the theme of a dance between good and evil still may happen in the show. This is good because there is always conflict between good and bad and so you can’t have a show about saints and sinners with at least one fight between them.


2 thoughts on “Task 1a: Proposal and Ideas”

  1. Sophia, it is good that you have included your original thoughts in preparation for your proposal, it would make this work even stronger if you explained why these ideas didn’t remain your front runners. Where is the research that you carried out for this or were these all songs you were already familiar with? What would also make this evidence stronger would be to consider it in relation to the casting you have available – do these ideas work in the context of the cast, budget and timescale we have?


  2. Sophia, looking at your formal proposal it is a bit up and down in terms of quality of content – section 1 is coming across as quite general, not as focused as it could be, section 2 is comprehensive and shows a good level of understanding of the context of the production and the relevance of the suggested ideas which you articulate clearly (for this stage) and clarify. Section 3 (to do with reflection and evaluation) is very vague – although you identify the strategies you intend to use you are not at all clear about the purpose of continuous reflection and evaluation throughout the process of producing a show. You need to re-think this to provide evidence which meets the higher standards. Section 4 you have not correctly used the Harvard system of referencing and this also needs to be carried out.
    Do NOT take down this original proposal. Either redo the sections and post them on this blog Or save a second version of the proposal and upload it as version 2.


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