06/03/17-10/03/17 Week 23

Monday 6th


Today was our first jazz lesson that we have had since half term. The workout was good and since I have been going to the gym a lot recently I didn’t get too tired or out of breath, however I kept going during the jumping jacks etc so clearly some people hadn’t been doing much exercise. The boys were not in our lesson either as they had a tech rehearsal for Bent, however we still went through our routine for Bring Me To Life just to make sure we could remember it, because we also had Zoe back and she wasn’t so sure of the ending as much.


For the first time ever I had forgotten my tap shoes for tap, it was awful of me! However this didn’t stop me and I did the entire lesson with bare feet. I now have realised how supportive tap shoes are to my feet because my feet were so sore at the end of the lesson, I had no idea the shoes helped so much. We went through the footloose tap routine because Zoe was there and Sian is now also allowed to join in with tap lessons, so for their sake we went over the routine slowly and a few times. This wasn’t so bad because it always helps to have more practise and it just planted the routine more into my memory.


Tuesday 7th

Today I had no lessons as Lillie’s On The Land had a tech run and a dress run all day because our first show is tonight. It went really well however and we’re all surprisingly calm for the show which is good but slightly worrying. I’m sure it will go well.






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