06/03/17-10/03/17 Week 23

Monday 6th


Sarah wasn’t ill anymore so we had our first Tap and Jazz lesson until half term. I now regularly go to the gym, however it was clear in the warm up some people hadn’t done exercise as regularly as I was one of the only people still going. We were missing both Scott and Tom as it was the opening night of Bent and had a tech and dress rehearsal all day. However we still went over the Bring Me To Life routine without them just to catch up and make sure we still remembered it, which we did.


So for the first time ever I had forgotten my tap shoes to my lesson which of course is very unprofessional, but I don’t intend on doing it again. However this did not stop me and I did tap with no shoes on instead. I found my feet hurt a lot by the end of the lesson and didn’t realise how much support tap shoes give you. We also went through our footloose dance as Zoe was now able to join and Sian wanted to as well. Sian isn’t going to do all dances again but because tap is mainly your lower body and strengthens your core then her doctor let her do it. We went through it slowly so that they knew the routine a bit more, overall it was a great lesson and really easy to fit people in which was good as we had done so much and I think we were a bit reluctant to change it.


Tuesday 7th

Today some of us didn’t have any lessons, because we were doing our tech and dress run for Lillie’s on the Land as it was our opening night that day. It went really well and I think we will have a great show and I hope that the audience respond to our comedic lines.


Thursday 9th


We had a completely normal and wonderful technique class today and it was great! It was our first one since doing T.I.E. Erica also showed us a new improvisation game that we tried out. It included 2 or more couples but there were only 5 of us so had to be 2 couples. Erica gave each person a different relationship and scenario like celebrity and stalker fan, or girlfriend and boyfriend splitting up etc.. It was so good and she would switch between each couple and the others would still carry on but quietly. Of course this meant people would say very interesting words, I think at one point Tom just bluntly said “condom” because it made sense in the conversation. It really helped with timing, because you then started to think about what things might be funny to hear when it was your turn to speak louder again. Also I think some of us were a bit rusty from not doing any improve for nearly an entire term and so it was good practise.


Friday 1oth

Many of us went on a trip to Move It today. I had been last year and so had already had many auditions, however it was nice to go again and I did see a few places that I didn’t know existed until now. Last year I also didn’t watch any dances because I was so involved with looking around, however I managed to watch loads this time and the drama and dance schools were great! I also found a performing arts school called TTC (Tiffany Theatre College) which were so good on the stage and just really cool their stall was great and they had loads of people to help you if you needed it. If I hadn’t already been accepted into somewhere I think I would definitely consider TTC.







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