13/03/17-17/03/17 Week 24

Monday 13th


Today we did our workout which was good, however the constant jumping did kill my legs a bit, but then again I haven’t been to the gym for a week because of the shows last week and so I suffered. We then did a sequence which was okay and I picked it up easily, however Sarah then asked to do it on the left side and it took me a little while to figure out all the steps. With the help of Faye I quickly knew what to do. We then went through our Bring Me To Life dance as we had everyone in that day and we went over it for the benefit of others, because they may not have remembered it all. Thankfully I did remember, but I still can’t quite get the pirouette as it is so fast.


Sian now joins us for tap, which is great because it means she can be in our tap dance. We started off with time steps and did the fast version both sides and with a break each time. It used to be too fast for me to keep up, but I don’t struggle anymore. Sarah then made us go over pick up time steps and went through the break with us for that again. I have also nearly remembered that sequence as well which is great because I quite like the pick up time step, however Sarah said I need to remember to actually stamp before I pick up. We then went through the Footloose routine, however there were parts of it that we each didn’t remember and Sian and Zoe haven’t done much of it at all. We then went through it bit by bit slowly so that they could catch up and do it with the rest of us.

Tuesday 14th


I was told on Monday that we were showing Paul our ideas in a practise presentation before Thursday. My class didn’t think to tell me and Sian before Monday about this so our presentations were very much rough versions of what they will be. However I had done 2/3 ideas and so I presented those, Paul was helpful because he went through and said what were ideas and what were more just structures for the show. This helped me because one of my ideas was to make the whole show based on a musical, but this wasn’t really an idea as such. After hearing the brief feedback about what was good and what was bad I went away from the lesson knowing what I needed to do for my presentation and I needed to think more about the ideas I had.



We had to write down on the board what we wanted to focus on again in the lesson. I wrote down the same thing again which was to keep my supporting leg straight as I still need to work on it. Thank goodness that was my goal because we did some barre work but in the centre so we had to use our balance and strength I our legs. We did rond de jambes which were proving to be difficult and on the barre we also did glissés. These all challenged my leg to stay straight, however I think I did well and don’t recall it relaxing or bending and Helena also didn’t comment about any loose knees. Helena had got the music edited for our ballet routine and made the entrance longer, however because of this we were out of time when it got to the next section because we were too early. We carried on with the original track and got slightly further with the dance. Helena had also changed our entrances, thankfully mine wasn’t too dissimilar and so it wasn’t so difficult to do.


Thursday 16th

We had presentations all day. We showed our ideas and I liked most of them, everyone had worked really hard on them and I think the show will be great. However because this took the best part of a day we did not have a lesson with Erica because there just wasn’t enough time left and so we all went and carried on with our work.



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